Key Features of Switchgear Power Systems

A significant number of people have heard of the generic term "switchgear" but are unfortunately oblivious to what it is or means. A switchgear is a system of different electrical components used in the switching and interruption of currents in the course of normal or abnormal working conditions. The system may comprise basic switches, control panels, safety circuit breakers, lightning arrestors, fuses, relays, current transformers, and combinations of various associated components. 

Generally, switchgears are a critical element of the larger power grids and the entire power distribution system. Before you can embark on a project to install a switchgear power system, continue reading on so you can be informed about the essential aspects associated with the system as long as the installation and maintenance work is properly carried out.

The Safety aspect

Where electricity is involved, safety must be considered. The use of circuit breakers in switchgears plays a crucial role when it comes to ensuring the safety of the system. Circuit breakers are the primary components that shield the system against the electrical hazards that may arise due to overload fault currents and short circuits. These electrical components work by interrupting fault currents that typically cause the hazards. Circuit breakers are available in a number of different working systems: gas, oil, vacuum, and air. Make sure to consider how and where your switchgear will be used in determining what type of circuit breakers to use in the system. 

The Reliability aspect

As the designers of switchgear systems continue to make high-tech power equipment that require high voltages to run, there is a great need to use electrical components that can meet the performance requirements of the new, more powerful equipment. Some modern switchgear equipment, for instance, have employed vacuum fault interrupter technology, which relies on overcurrent relays to isolate the broken-down part from the rest of the circuit. This capacity to interrupt the fault, troubleshoot it rapidly, and minimise the duration and scope of the interruption, in turn, leads to improved power system rating with the public energy commission, in addition to improving your bottom line. Switchgears help keep your facility running reliably, thus completely redefining the prospects for modern power systems.

When users of switchgear power systems take the time to understand what is required to ensure safe and reliable operation, they can be sure to make the most out of the benefits that the system promises to offer.