Wedding Planning: Selecting the Right Marquee for Your Event

There are numerous aspects that you must consider when organising your wedding ceremony. One of the central factors that can affect the success of the event is the venue for the reception. Generally, you can choose the traditional hotel or event hall hire options. However, if you want something more unique and interesting, consider choosing a marquee. This choice is ideal because it provides flexibility in terms of shape and design. In simple terms, you can select your preferred structure from an assortment of styles, and the space will provide a blank canvas for your ideas. In addition, your choice of potential reception space is unlimited as long as there is enough space to set up. Here are some considerations to help you select the ideal marquee for your wedding.

Materials and Style

You should always inquire about the materials that have been used to fabricate the marquee because this aspect will affect the style of your wedding. Ideally, you should ask the wedding hire company to provide photos or an actual showing of some of the available tents. If you are interested in a contemporary styles wedding, you should choose vinyl canopies supported by an aluminium framework. This type has a modern look and you can get this type of marquee from most suppliers. If you want a more traditional look, consider selecting sailcloth and wooden pole marquees. These form a very appealing and authentic backdrop for wedding photography.

Layout and Size

The layout and size of the wedding marquee will determine the practical functionality of the space. In simple terms, the sizing aspect when selecting a wedding tent should not only account for the number of guests. You must consider the potential layout of the space with regard to the dance floor, gift tables, the stage and the buffet space. Ensure that all the elements that you plan to fit into the marquee can do so without creating confusion and an uncomfortable ambience. Where possible, engage the help of the marquee hire planners to help you select the best size and layout based on your vision.


The main disadvantage of marquees in weddings is their placement in the open landscape. Therefore, if bad weather occurs, the event can be disrupted. You should plan for such an unexpected occurrence by ensuring that the tent structure comes with closable sides to shield from rain and wind. In addition, you can request for covered walkways that connect different marquees to ensure that the guests are protected from adverse conditions.